Lil Nas X’s Satan Lap Dance Has Everyone Losing Their Mind

We chat about Lil Nas X’s music video, the Superstore series finale, and more in this week’s Content Consumed.

Content Consumed is a weekly pop culture segment where I share my favorite content of the week, along with my hot takes. Let’s get it poppin’.

Minor spoilers for the series finale of Superstore below.

1. BROCKHAMPTON’s music video for “BUZZCUT”

The “best boy band since One Direction”, BROCKHAMPTON, is back with their first single since 2019’s GINGER, “BUZZCUT.”

The video is a psychedelic, chaotic, acid-trip, PS2-graphic’d, freakin’ masterpiece. I’ve always considered BROCKHAMPTON the leaders of the new school and this video reminded me why: creativity on a hundred, thousand, trillion *Kanye West voice*. Who’s out here doing it like BROCKHAMPTON? WHO?

Also — Danny Brown’s transformation in the “BUZZCUT” video is the scariest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love it!

2. The series finale of Superstore

I watched the entirety of Superstore during the pandemic — and it gave me life. It delivers chaotic, awkward, The Office-esque humor with a way more diverse cast, making it perfect for me. Although I knew its 6th season would be its last, I didn’t know it was going to end so soon — its 15th episode.

I enjoyed the ending and thought it fit well into the series as a whole. The sudden turn of Jonah and Amy’s relationship was a bit unearned, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending so who cares?

And, yes, the series finale made me shed a tear. Thugs cry too, you know?

3. VIC MENSA’s music video for “FR33DOM”

I’ve been riding for Vic Mensa since INNANETAPE came out in 2013. I have such fond memories of boppin’ to “ORANGE SODA” in my freshman dorm room when I used to frequent Dat Piff like it was my job.

The video for his newest track, “FR33DOM”, is fuego y’all. I love the juxtaposition of Zacari’s interludes and Vic’s hype flows sandwiched in between them. I’m so here for “FR33DOM”, especially since it was hard to ride with with his previous genre shift *cough cough* 93Punx *cough cough*.

4. Lil Nas X’s music video for MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Whenever I watch Lil Nas X, I feel like a proud internet auntie. Just two years ago, he was sleeping on a relative’s couch. Now, he’s won multiple Grammys and has given Satan a lap dance. We love to see it!

“MONTERO” is a perfectly fine pop song. But, who cares about the song — really? This video is absolutely incredible.

Lil Nas X and his team are marketing geniuses. They know how to get people’s attention and people fall for it every single time.

I’ve been enjoying all the Republicans (and Joyner Lucas) losing their mind over Lil Nas X, like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem:

Lil Nas X came through with the perfect clap back:

Auntie is proud.

5. Desus and Mero’s interview with Kenan Thompson

One night, I was watching an old episode of All That, where Kenan Thompson plays his iconic character Superdude. The next morning, I saw that Kenan was being interviewed by Desus and Mero! The universe is looking out for me.

This interview was so great to see. I loved Mero’s question about whether Kenan’s aware of his impact as a comedian. I hope Kenan’s getting all the flowers he deserves; because he’s a freakin’ comedy legend. He’s got almost 30 years in the comedy game fam!

Thinking about Kenan led me to listen to the most lit theme song ever to grace Nickelodeon’s airwaves. Rap along with me y’all!

What was your favorite pop culture moment of the week? Have any movies/TV recommendations? Let me know what’s good!

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