Euphoria’s Season 2 Plot is a Hot Ass Mess But I Love It Anyway

Does Euphoria have the potential to be the best show on television?

Nia Simone McLeod
3 min readMar 3, 2022


Dominic Fike, playing Elliot in Euphoria, lays on a bed and stares off into the distance.
screenshot from euphoria’s season 2, episode 4 promo

Major spoilers for Euphoria’s season 2 finale below

When I stopped watching Euphoria’s season 2 finale a few nights ago, I immediately wanted to write. It’s A+ TV in so many ways: cinematography, acting, costumes, characters, dialogue, music, etc.

I can feel the passion enveloped in each scene sent from someone, somewhere. Those elements of filmmaking are so good — to the point where I forget the plot is a mess.

The plot holes in season 2 of Euphoria are gigantic. The #1 plot hole is the Laurie storyline. Laurie was the soft-spoken ex-school teacher turned drug dealer, who lent Rue $10,000 worth of drugs to sell.

Rue used a ton of it, and her mom flushed the rest. Clearly, this is a recipe for a disaster.

But, in Euphoria’s season 2 finale, this storyline is never mentioned even though it’s been one of the major conflicts of the entire season. Rue just ends up walking off into the sunset, clean and happy as can be.


I knew something was off about the season 2 finale when I watched it. But, in the midst of its distinct filmmaking style, I shrugged it off and remained trance-like, soaking in each second like a sponge — even Elliot’s awkwardly long song.

After the show ended, and I took the rose-colored glasses off, I just had so many questions. Why did Rue get a seemingly happy, perfectly tied into a bow ending? Why did Kat get demoted to a secondary character? Why didn’t we get more footage of Maddy beating Cassie’s ass?

I enjoyed the finale though, even after the weird plot device of Lexi’s play. I’d be tight if one of my homies was putting my trauma on display for the general public. Almost everybody was too okay with it.

I’m not saying that I would have gone full Cassie and beat up my doppelganger in front of the whole audience — but Lexi and I would have had a long conversation.

I guess when you’re a high schooler, you’re not afraid of getting hit with things like libel and slander. But, the whole thing sounds like a huge…



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